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            Video Center

            Family Law Topics

            Family Law Appeals Learn about how The Law Firm for Family Law can assist you with appealing the final judgement in your family law matter.

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            About Child Support Attorney Gary E. Williams discusses the details surrounding child support in the state of Florida and why you need an attorney to assist with this matter.

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            What is Collaborative Divorce? Hear about the collaborative process and find out if it’s right for you.

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            Understanding Depositions Experienced family law attorney, Gary E. Williams talks about the purpose and role of depositions in family law cases.

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            Divorce 101: What You Need to Know If you’re considering filing for divorce you should know some things before you get started.

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            Domestic Violence & Family Law Founder of The Law Firm for Family Law discusses how the firm approaches cases involving domestic abuse.

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            Equitable Distribution: What Does it Mean? Learn about the standard for equitable distribution in the state of Florida.

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            High Asset Divorce Hear about how The Law Firm for Family Law is focused on protecting the lifetime of effort for our clients through the protection of their assets.

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            High Conflict Divorce: How We Can Help Gary Williams discusses how the divorce process can become difficult and complex. He goes over why it’s so important to have an attorney on your side if you’re facing a high conflict divorce or family law matter.

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            Why is Mediation so Important? Attorney Gary Williams explains why mediation is one the most important aspects of all divorce cases and required by law.

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            About The Law Firm for Family Law

            Firm Overview Attorney Gary E. Williams provides an overview of the firm and explains why he started The Law Firm for Family Law: to help people.

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            What is a Deposition? Hear about how a deposition is a discovery tool used by lawyer乐福彩票最新版下载s to help them prepare for trial.

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            What Happens When I Call Your Office? Learn about what happens when you contact The Law Firm for Family Law for your free initial consultation.

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            What is Involved in Filing an Appeal? Gary Williams talks about the central issue in any family law appeal and how The Law Firm For Family Law will handles cases involving appeals.

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            What is the Standard Visitation Schedule for Children? Hear why it’s important that Dads and Moms exercise their time-sharing to the maximum extent that they can.

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            If I Need an Attorney How do I Select One? Attorney Gary Williams explains why it’s important to do your research when selecting a divorce attorney.

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            If I am Unhappy With The Final Judgment Can I File an Appeal? Our founding attorney discusses the thirty day period for filing appeals in Florida family law courts.

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            How Much Will my Divorce Cost? Hear about how the Law Firm For Family Law frequently has meetings with our clients so that we can advise them as to what sort of attorney’s fees and costs they can anticipate for the next phase of their case.

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            How Do the Courts Calculate Alimony? Gary Williams explains how alimony can be a fairly complicated subject in the State of Florida and why it is so important to have an experienced family law attorney on your side.

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            How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in Florida? Attorney Gary Williams discusses that the answer to the questions is really dependent upon a number of issues.

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            How Do Courts Calculate Child Support? Learn about how the State of Florida determines the amount of child support to be paid.

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            Client Testimonials

            Elisabeth Flach

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            Linda Burge

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            Kevin Mason

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            David King

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